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    Stones of Rome

Rome is an enchanting and seductive city. Few are immune to its charms, chief among them a powerful and fascinating history that still has impact in the modern era.

Generations of artists, poets, architects, writers, musicians have sought inspiration in the beauty of its views; sometimes austere and noisy but always extraordinarily attractive, Rome is a place of the mind before being a physical one. It is a place built on concepts and myths; it’s an eternal city, a visionary revelation which provokes in the viewer the desire to discover common and sympathetic origins.

Roma communis patria”, Rome common homeland, navel of the world, inexhaustible and essential source of renewal and inspiration. A splendid city, shaped by centuries, which arouses an ongoing astonishment. What strikes the imagination of present and past visitors is Rome’s incredible continuum, with its magnificent ruins. 

Stones of Rome organises and offers guided tours of Rome and its marvellous surroundings, both for those who've never been before and those who’re already familiar with it but wish to know the hidden aspects of the Eternal City. Our guided tours are itinerant lessons held by archaeologists and art historians, capable of deepen the several artistic and cultural aspects that make this city unique in the world. The itineraries can be tailored for university students and for visitors eager to expand their knowledge about Rome.  Upon request, further documentation like maps, topographic plans and archaeological reconstructions will be available.

 Stones of Rome, private tours of Rome with passionate teachers,

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